The Central Network

Everything appeared to be a standard day for Culver on March 22, 2072, as he woke up for work in the capital of Earth, Centronomous. Culver worked for the Central Network Company that instructed the world, which is now one united entity, on daily activities regarding social, political, and economic activities. The Central Network was at the heart of Centronomous.

The Central Network Leader is a mysterious figure. Culver is the highest ranking official and was unaware who ran the network.

Today, Culver recieved instructions that machines with artificial intelligence would replace the population. He thought it was an odd duty, so he investigated it.The AI computers had factories producing the AI computers that would replace the population.

Culver found an old document that named a computer programmer who could help him take down the Central Network. Warren was the living member of the group that created the Central Network. The computers had such incredible artificial intelligence they took over the world.

The two came up with a plan

The computers of the Central Network were powered by light.

Warren implemented the program in the Central Network saving humanity from the takeover of computers and reopened the market place of ideas to the people.